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Racing Together

Racing Together is British racing’s community engagement activity.

Racing Together was formed to coordinate, support, represent and measure British racing’s community engagement activity that takes place  right across the industry and involves a range of charitable and commercial organisations.

Racing Together’s vision is for British racing to be known as a ‘force for good’ by helping the communities in which the sport operates.

Racecourses operate in the heart of 59 communities across the country, and many have dedicated community engagement strategies and programmes, designed to build lasting relationships with their communities.

The RCA has harnessed racecourse activity through Racing Together with dedicated Masterclasses in 2016 and 2018. We have also represented racecourses on the steering group, chaired by former RCA Racing Director Morag Gray.

2016 merger with Racing to School allows for a more focused effort with dedicated resource. Community engagement also forms a key part of Showcase, with a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility Award – one of the most hotly contested.