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Safer Gambling

The Racecourse Association is proud to partner with GambleAware to promote safer gambling across British racecourses and to direct racegoers to advice and support should they need it.  We recognise that racing and betting have a unique relationship and having a bet forms part of the fun of a day at the races for many racegoers. Alongside our members, we are committed to fulfilling the social responsibilities this relationship places upon us.

Each racecourse is committed to the Safer Gambling campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the risks associated with gambling, and ensure that all racegoers know where to find advice and support if they are worried about their gambling, or that of a friend or relative.

The GambleAware partnership and Safer Gambling campaign are solely to inform customers of the help available to them and to help promote safer gambling practices.

The RCA acknowledges that gambling is a legitimate and legal leisure activity and forms part of the raceday experience for many racegoers. Bookmakers are longstanding and key commercial partners of the sport and provide the opportunity for further promotion of safer gambling to a large audience.

The RCA and its members look forward to continuing the partnership with GambleAware and to reducing the risk of gambling-related harm to those who enjoy a day at the races.