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The RCA Safety Group is formed of racecourse representatives with specialist knowledge and experience of Health and Safety, and operational roles on racecourses. Working with specialist advisers where necessary, the Group assists the RCA Executive in sharing best practice and providing advice to racecourses on issues such as risk assessment, compliance with national licensing requirements, parade ring safety, stewarding and policing arrangements.

Furthermore, the Group assists in developing responses on behalf of racecourses to relevant sporting, safety and government consultations, such as the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds.

The Group

Caroline Davies — RCA, Chair
Holly Cook — RCA
Phil Atkinson — ACT National
Mick Stamp — ARC
Joanna Wales
— Ascot
David Mackinnon — Cheltenham
Simon Durrant — Epsom Downs
Steve Horlick — Hamilton Park
Rebecca Davies — Hereford
Nicholas Russell — IRM
Ilona Barnett — Stratford-on-Avon

RCA Guide to Safety at Racecourses

Please click here to download the RCA Guide to Safety at Racecourses.